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iJobs offers a 15-day free trial to all jobseekers and recruiters. iJobs has released iPhone, iPad and Android applications in the summer. iJobs was launched in the US and Europe to increase market penetration, support partners with local or international needs.

iJobs is planning to assist 1,000,000 professionals in the next 6 months.
About Us

iJobs is a technology company dedicated to assisting jobseekers and HR professionals to connect; HQ in California, the team is comprised of experts in their fields. iJobs received funding from US and European partners.

iJobs vision is to assist each party find their ideal match using mobile media anywhere anytime
Why iJobs?

iJobs built the best mobile application for jobseekers and recruiters to connect. With access to over 10,000,000 jobs at any time and over 1,000,000 professional HR contacts.

iJobs offers a unique engine and multiple services for the professionals on the go. We are the #1 job search app- period!
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